Cultural Diversity

Lesson #1

Unit Plan: Cultural Diversity         
Topic: Introduction to Diversity – KWL chart

Cycle Level:  Cycle three/Grade 6
Duration: 60 min
- Smart Board
- Slide show of images (cultural diversity theme)
- KWL worksheet charts (one per child)
- Journal
- Pencil
- Language Arts duo-tang
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10 min

30 min

20 min

- Gather the students on the floor in front of the Smart Board.
- Show the students a slide show of diverse images relating to cultural diversity (see link at top of page, for examples of pictures).
- Ask the children a series of questions, related to the images:
            - What do you think of these images?
            -  What is the meaning behind the images?
            - What can be interpreted by these image
            - Can we relate to these images?
- Introduce the unit of Cultural Diversity to the class.  Tell them that within the next few weeks, they will be exploring, analysing, and demonstrating the issue of cultural diversity.

- Teacher – On the Smart Board, open up the link to the KWL chart.
- Explain to the students the meaning of a KWL chart is:
            - What do we know
            - What do we want to know
            - What did we learn
- Tell the students that we will be filling out this KWL chart in two parts. 
-  We will fill up the first and second part now and we will fill up the third sections at the end of our unit plan.  
- Begin by asking the students what they already know about diversity and write it at the front on the Smart Board.  
               - Write down everything they say. Accept all answers.
- Do the same thing for part two of the chart, ask the students “what do we want to know” from diversity.
            - Write down everything they say. Accept all answers.
- Once section one and two have adequate answers, disturb a KWL chart to every student (see KWL link at top of page).  
- Allow time for the students to copy down their answers on their individual KWL chart.
- Once finished, make sure students put their worksheets into their Language Art duo-tangs.

Journal writing time:
- Ask the students to take out their journals.
- Ask them to brainstorm activities that they could do to explore diversity.  Tell them to think outside the box.  Accept all appropriate answers.